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Do you need a basement or crawlspace inspection?

Basement and Crawlspace Inspections.

Surface water that gets into the crawl space or basement is typically from roof drainage, overflowing gutters, grading issues, or leaky basement windows and window wells.

Groundwater can cause problems for a crawl space or basement in several ways. The soil around the foundation can become saturated after periods of heavy rain or snow. Water from the surrounding soil pushes against the walls of the foundation, eventually finding its way in.

Plumbing issues, like a plumbing leak or a burst pipe can introduce water into the crawl space or basement. Even if you have a vapor barrier in your crawl space, or a concrete floor in your basement, the water will sit on top of the liner or floor until it evaporates.

Do you have moisture problems in your basement or foundation? We can inspect your foundation, and recommend solutions for your moisture problems.

For professional results and dependable service, contact BHI today!

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