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Hire Local!

When hiring contractors, home inspectors, or any home related trade, hire local!

A local professional is familiar with the specific people, vendors, codes, requirements, and issues that directly affect the homes in your area.

Out of town workers are notorious for taking the money up front and not returning or taking the money at the end and not honoring their commitment once they’ve left town again.

A local builder will have the business relationships required to help your construction process move along smoothly. A local inspector will be aware of issues that affect the homes in your climate and elevation, as well as know certain things to look for during the different seasons of the year.

And finally, nothing is better than a good reputation from a business that has been in the local community for years. Word of mouth is the best advertisement out there.

At BHI, we have been in the building industry locally in Southeast Tennessee for over 25 years with a 5-star rating. When you need an experienced builder, remodeler, or home inspector, look no further than BHI!

Contact Ty today for Home Inspections at 423-715-9642

Or Arrie for Home Improvements at 423-457-7557

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