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Wind, Storm, Heat, Rain and Hail Damage.

Hail and wind can cause significant damage to a roof, particularly an asphalt shingle roof.

After a storm, all of your neighbors should hire their neighborhood home inspector to evaluate the condition of the roofs for all of the homeowners.

There’s no need for a homeowner to risk their life doing something that an experienced professional does every day. Hail and wind damage may likely be covered by a homeowner’s insurance policy. Every roof should be inspected every year, especially after a severe hail and wind storm.

The roof is one of the most significant protective features of a home. The integrity of the top keeps the homeowner and their family comfortable. Weather conditions, however, tend to create a mess on the roof, which can cause problems and discomfort to the homeowner. These problems must be addressed before they happen to prevent unfavorable conditions for the people living in the home.

The most dangerous harsh weather conditions that damage the integrity of a home include:


Heavy rains cause water accumulation on the roof surface. The infiltration of this moisture in the attic space and the ceilings can cause mold and wood damage. Water leaks through small roof openings that later reach other parts of your home and lead to property damage.


Heavy snowfalls cause severe problems in your home if not properly handled. Moving snow can cause roof leakages, physical damage, and structural damage to the roof. Wood shakes and shingles tend to absorb heavy snow, which can freeze and crack the roof.


Strong winds can cause roof leaks, damage to the roofing material, and physical damage to your property. Strong winds cause structural damage by forcefully lifting the roof away from its support structure. Proper maintenance and installation from roofing experts ensure that your roof structure can handle these conditions.


Hot weather on a roof can cause severe damage to your home. The hot sun can cause shingles to expand and contract with temperatures in the attic. The heat expansion of the shingles can cause them to detach from the roof, causing dangerous conditions for people living on your property.

Harsh weather conditions pose a significant threat to the integrity of the roof and can lead to structural damage to your home. However, with proper care from a professional roofer, you can avoid damages brought on by harsh weather conditions.

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